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For a small selection of voice demos please click on any of the links below to hear a sample, then get in touch at:




Kindly review the following to decide what best suits your needs:


Corporate Voiceover Reel


Charity Voiceover Reel


Commercial Voiceover Reel


Documentary Voiceover Reel


Love is the Plan - Short Film by Ben Vogal

Winner: Best Experimental 2018, Crossing the Screen International Film Festival.

Finalist & Official Selection: Best Experimental 2018, Cardiff International Film Festival. (The Jilted Lover)


Travel Ad for Anydoko

Anydoko Amalfi Coast


#Happy by SESHAW


Come the Eventide - Author Chris Riker


Once you have decided exactly what you need, please get in touch and let me know the answers to the following questions and we'll get your project off the ground!


  • What is the project for?
  • How long is the script/wordcount?
  • What is your deadline?
  • What is your budget?
  • Broadcast or non-broadcast?
  • What style would you like to achieve? Conversational, fast, slow, measured, commanding, authorative, approachable, friendly, punchy, sales, gentle, hard sell etc.
  • Which format would you prefer mp3/wav etc?



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