Just launched! My new book: 


#Happy!  Get your happy on!


Available on Amazon and Kindle and shortly Audible!



Do you ever feel like you were just programed all wrong? 

Do you ever feel that if you had had a particular nurturing that you could have achieved so much more in life? 

Do you ever feel that you just didn't learn how to get the most out of being a human? 

Well with #Happy, it's what a best friend who truly cares about would tell you; it's the parenting you always wished you'd had.  

#Happy shows you how you can give it to yourself, so the only limits there are to your life are the ones in your own imagination. 

Undo all that negative programing you experienced in the past and learn how to become a you who is comfortable in their own skin and more consistently happy because of it! 


A little Big book to guide you on your way to happiness!



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