Stanley Wilson's Writing Charlie


Writing Charlie is the American version of ‘The Letter’ and the second project that we have made together. Tears, tantrums and more times off the rails than on. Without Siobbhan’s support and incredible skills Writing Charlie would never have been born.

Siobbhan has an incredibly versatile acting voice and ear for how your audio should sound. In this audiobook in which the royalties support Combat Stress, Siobbhan had to adopt a Southern American accent. She carried this off marvellously and researched how they would talk. All the emotion contained in the story is genuine there wasn’t any acting there. Siobbhan’s emotion is there for all to hear and really brings out the story. This time Siobbhan recorded the vocals first before mixing in the fabulous playlist, a good plan given the content of the story.


An exceptionally busy lady she found the time to create this master piece. Her main strengths aside from her obvious talent is the ability to work collaboratively with you. She is not afraid to make suggestions and she strives to make her work the best that it can be.


Folks I can’t recommend this lady any higher than I do, she is just incredible and an absolute pleasure to work with. I am very proud of what she has produced and very proud to be working with Siobbhan. Make Siobbhan your first choice for any audio work that you need. Her sultry and versatile voice will bring any project an added edge and most definite success.


Siobbhan you are an absolute legend thank you everso much again for your assistance with part two of VetranAid. I look forward to working with you in the future.


Kindest and warmest regards

Stanley Wilson  Oct 2016


Stanley Wilson's The Letter

Siobbhan and I both threw caution to the wind on the Letter. For Siobbhan it was her first outing on ACX. For myself it was forgotten work thrown into the ring. What an emotional rollercoaster and what a voyage of discovery for us both. Siobbhan is an amazing artist who is adaptable, flexible and completes ahead of time. Siobbhan has created a master piece in ‘The letter’, with her sultry and adaptable voice. She has an incredible reading voice full of passion, her diverse range will suit many projects, particularly the more crazy ones. She has an ear for perfection and will not submit any work until it is perfect. Yes there have been tears and tantrums throughout this particular project but this is one project that I am very proud of and privileged to have worked with such a great artist. Thank you Siobbhan I wish you every success and I hope that ‘The Letter’ is as kind to you as it has been to me. It is time to let the baby fly and do its thing.

Stanley Wilson 2016



Siobbhan Shaw is an instinctive voiceover artist, taking her cue from the author’s voice. She dips into your subconscious and works from the inside out. She will draw the emotional power with her eloquence and crafted tones allowing the narrative to rise naturally. Siobbhan is articulate and succinct and able to deliver earthy rich tones that are both comforting and personal. Not without dramatic flair, Siobbhan is consistent in her ability to separate characters and create a mesmerizing piece that transcends genre, whilst also being an effective natural sales person, her style can also be punchy and persuasive.


My publishers wanted to record a short reading from my novel, a crime thriller set in Nigeria. What Siobbhan did with the chosen passage is best described as amazing; breathing life into the featured character and expertly capturing the nuance of the action in its setting.

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